The Importance of Staging Your Home

The first impression your home makes when a potential buyer drives up to your property is like any other first impression, you don't get a second chance. 

Starting with the exterior of your home there are several things you can do that will make a big impact. First, remove any outside items like trash cans and recycle bins, put those either inside the garage or out of site on the side of the house. Next, how does the lawn, trees, bushes and flowers beds look? Make sure they are all trimmed and cleaned up of any excess debris. What about the sidewalk? Regardless if you have concrete or brick, simply sweeping mulch back in the beds or removing leaves will make a nice clean walkway up to your front door. Now the entry? Is your front door clean, fresh and inviting? A new coat of stain or paint can really make a difference. Also don't overlook the hardware. If your door hardware looks worn or dated, there are many affordable options at the big box stores you can use to update that old tired door handle. And don't forget, maybe a bench, flower pots or a topiary would add a touch of class and make that first impression a last one. 


In the backyard if you have a pool or deck, make sure they are cleaned regularly and perhaps a coat of stain or paint on the deck will really add value to your outdoor space. And if you have outdoor furniture, make sure it is also clean and free from dirt, leaves and debris. You want them to picture having a barbecue on a sunny day with their family laughing and enjoying the space. 

Inside your home, I recommend most people rent a temporary storage container or a storage unit. While your house is being marketed, you can live without your seasonal clothing and shoes taking up valuable "real estate" in your closets, remove extra toys from kids rooms, and possibly remove some of your extra kitchen items to make your cabinet seem larger and less cluttered. 

Now on to removing as many of the personal items as possible. Family photos can prevent new buyers from seeing their family in a space when it is still personalized to your family. 


On to the living spaces, you may have extra furniture pieces that although you love that comfy oversized chair in the living room it may be making your room size feel confining and not big enough for the next family to enjoy thereby turning away a potential buyer. Keep furniture layouts simple with plenty of walking paths through out and clearly define the space of a room. Don't try and combine a craft room, storage, laundry room, sports equipment and an office into a single space. It will make buyers subconsciously believe that the home does not have storage space for all of their personal items. 

Once, the house is decluttered, depersonalized and the furniture is placed appropriately, lets talk about a dated house. Chances are if your home is over 8 years old and you have carpet, it will likely need to be replaced. 

Although it is an expense to incur for someone else to enjoy, when negotiated the sales price of your home, you will likely lose more money at the closing table than you will at a carpet store. People love homes that are move in ready and will pay more for the convenience. Wall colors... this is a harsh reality for many home sellers, not everyone will love the dark blue paint in your living room. 

It may be beautiful and look amazing with your furniture and decor, however if the buyer has a bright yellow couch, they will automatically say oh my furniture won't look good in this living room. So appeal to the masses, a nice neutral color will always appeal to more buyers and paint is fairly inexpensive and really freshens up the interior of a home. 


Kitchens and bathrooms are what sells a home. So make sure your stands out. If you have dated or laminate counters or cabinets in either, consider upgrading now. Most buyers desire these items in a home and will knock down your asking price to accommodate installing and updating them later. If the cabinets are in good condition, consider cleaning, staining or re-painting to give them a lift and make look like brand new. 

Finally, on open house day, feel free to bake some cookies, do a load of laundry and fill the home up with clean, inviting smells and fresh flowers always add a nice touch. 

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